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 BORN 512(H.J) AND WAFAT 578(H.J)

                                                   MAQAM-E- AL FAQIH AL MAQADDAM                                                                            
                                                                    HAZRAT  SAIYED SHEIKH SAEED BIN ISHA AL AMUDI (R.A)
                                               KHALIFA OF HAZRAT SULTANUL-AARFIN SAIYED AHMAD KABIR REFAI (K.S.A).
                                                                                      IN YEMEN HARDAMOUT (QAIDOUN)
                                                                                   BORN IN 574(H.J) AND WAFAT IN 671(H.J)
                                                                                                           URS IN 27 RAJAB

BORN 689(H.J) AND WAFAT 813(H.J)

BORN 896(H.J) AND WAFAT IN 970(H.J).


                      AL-AMUDI  AR-REFAIYUL AL-KADRI  
                    Sultanul Arifeen Hazrath Syedna Ahmed Kabir Rifayee Radi Allahu Taala Anhu

His full name was Abdul Abbas Mohiuddin Syed Ahmed Kabir Rifayee (Radi Allahu Taala anhu). One of his forefather's name was 'Rifaah' and so he became very popular with the name of Rifayee. Having born as 15th descendant of Hazrath Syedna Imam Hussain Razi Allahu Taala anhu, he was called 'Hussaini'. He belonged to the 'Shaafayee' Maslak. Even before his birth itself Huzur Akram Sallallahu Alaih Wasallam prophesied about him to his maternal uncle Hazrath Baz'as'hab Mansoor Bataahi (R.A.). He asked him to name the boy Ahmed. He said that he would be the leader of saints (Auliya Allah) and advised him to send the boy to Shaik Ali Qadiri Wasthi (R.A.) for education and training.
Hazrath Ahmed Kabir Rifayee (R.A.) was born on 27th Rajab 512 Hijri (1117 A.D.) (I.e. Thursday) at Hassan, a village in Iraq. He learnt the Holy Qur'an by heart under the guidance of Hazrath Shaik Adbus Samee Al Hasbuni (R.A.). Later he completed his Islamic studies under the guidance of Hazrath Shaik Ali Qadiri (R.A.).

He was blessed with the knowledge of mystic powers by Hazrath Shaik Baz'as'hab Bathaai. It is learnt that even in his childhood he never took milk during the days of Ramzan. He strictly followed Qur'an. So, he became popular as an Islamic scholar and man of high morals quite early in life.

Once his uncle asked him to fetch some leaves. He went for them but returned with empty hands. He said to his uncle, "I found the leaves immersed themselves in invocation (Zikr) of Allah Taala, hence I did not separate them from the tree.
In 555 Hijri (1159 A.D.), he went on a pilgrimage to Hajj and visited Madina shareef for paying his obeisance (homage) to his great grand father. He went near the Rauza-e-Aqdas (Holy shrine) of Hazrath Mohammad Sallallahu Alaihi wasallam and paid salam "Assalam alaikum ya Jaddi" (my great grand father). In reply he heard from the Holy shrine "Waalaikum assalam ya waldi" (my son). All the people who were present there also heard the holy words. He further said " I always sent my soul on my behalf to kiss the Holy Land of Madina shareef, as I live away from you. Now I have come in person to kiss you. Kindly stretch your hands so that I can kiss them and get your merciful blessings". Then the holy hand of Hazrath Mohammad (S.A.W.) stretched forward out of the holy grave. He kissed the holy hand with great devotion and reverence. Nearly 90 thousand devotees witnessed the incident. There were Hazrath Shaik Abdul Qadir al Jeelani (R.T.A.), Hazrath Shaik Hayath (R.T.A.) and Hazrath Shaik Aadi Ashami (R.J.A.) among them.

Hazrath Syed Ahmed Kabir Rifayee (R.A.) showed a number of miracles. He used to bring a dead body to life by the grace of Allah. He believes that the miracles of saints (Auliya Allah) are the miracle of the Prophet (S.A.W.).

Now some disciples of Rifayee order (tariqa) still perform some miracles. They pierce knives and long needless into their bodies by invoking the holy name of syed Ahmed Kabir Rifayee. They do not feel any pain or damage. This is nothing but Rifayee Zarbath.

                                                 AL FAQIH AL MAQADDAM
                                                                  HAZRAT SHEIKH SAEED BIN ISHA AL AMUDI (R.A)


Imam Muhammad ibn Ali ibn Muhammad ibn Ali ibn shahib Mirbath Alwi Khlai 'Qasam bin Muhammad bin Alwi Ubaidillah bin Ahmad bin al-Imam al-Muhajir bin Isa al-Naqib bin Muhammad bin Ali al-Uraidhi ibn Ja'far al-Sadiq ibn Muhammad al-Baqir bin Ali Zainal Abidin bin Hussein bin Ali bin Abi Talib.

Degree of al-Faqih al-Muqaddam.

Problem title it bears, because the Imam Muhammad bin Ali was a great teacher who mastered numerous religious sciences such as fiqh then he was given the title of al-Faqih. One teacher Ali Bamarwan he said, that he mastered the science of jurisprudence as a master of a great scholar is Allama Muhammad ibn al-Hasan ibn al-Shafi'i Furak ', died in 406 Hijri. While al-Muqaddam title comes from the word meaning Qadam precedence, in this case Wali Allah Muhammad ibn Ali during his life always takes precedence until after his death maqamnya in Tarim Zanbal often diziarahi religious visit to the station of the Muslims before the other Wali Allah. Said Sheikh Ahmed bin Mohammed Baharmi, 'I see Syaikhoin Abu Bakr and `Umar said to me in a dream, if you want to make pilgrimages diziarahi so the first time al-Faqih is Muqaddam Muhammad ibn al-Ali, then ziarahilah who you want'. He is the person who first brought the flag of Sufism in Hadramaut.

Wali Allah Muhammad ibn Ali was born in Tarim, he was the only son of Imam Ali ibn Muhammad shahib Marbad a decrease of about 75 forefathers of the Alawiyin, while the Imam Muhammad bin Alwi shahib Marbad down less over 15 ancestors Alawiyin. Imam Muhammad ibn Ali, the famous with the name of al-Faqih al-Muqaddam is the elder of the Alawiyin. He was born in 574 H in Tarim. He is an al-Quran by heart and always busy demanding various branches of science as a religion until it reaches the level of absolute mujtahid. Regarding Imam al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Muhammad ibn Ali, Umar ibn Sayyid al-Idrus Ethiopia in his book al-Jauhariyah Iqdul Yawaqiet said, 'Of the privileges that exist at the Sayyidina al-Faqih al-Muqaddam is not like a low profile, was born and his inner in clarity ma'qul (all the works of thought) and the collector truth manqul (texts Qur'an and Sunnah) '. Author of al-Masyra 'al-Rawy said,' He is a mustanbith al-furu 'min al-usul (experts formulate legal branches Personality' unearthed from points of fiqh. He is the sheikh of al-shari'ah syuyukh ' ah (Shari'ah science professor) and an expert nature of the Imam, al-Region Murakiz Dairah alRabbaniyah, Qudwah al-al-Muhaqqiqin'Ulama (modeling the nature of science scholars), al-Taj al-'Arifin A'imah (crown Imams experts ma'rifat) and in all perfection, he berteladan to Amir al-Mumineen (Imam Ali bin Abi Talib). Thariqahnya is an intrinsic indigence and kema'rifatan that nature. "Imam al-Faqih al-Muqaddam Muhammad ibn Ali, died in the town of Tarim in 671 Hijra.


Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam studied with many teachers, including Sheikh Ali bin Ahmad Bamarwan where he studied fiqh proposal. Science tafsir and hadith sharif belaiu learned from Ali bin Mohammed bin Jadid . Science Sufism and the nature of science he learned dar sharif bin Salim bin Abdullah bin Basri Basri Ubaidillah bin Ahmad bin al-Muhajir. In addition, he also learned the sheikh Abdullah bin Ubaid Rahman, Sheikh Ahmad bin Muhammad unbelievable, sheikh Muhammad ibn Ahmad al-Abilhib Khatib, sheikh Muhammad ibn Ali al-Khatib and Ibn Muhammad sharif Alwi shahib Mirbath.

There are three teachers who influenced the al-Faqih al-Muqaddam, they are father Ali bin Muhammad sharif shahib Mirbath, sheikh Ahmad Bamarwan, and teachers who never met by zahir but it is a teacher who opened it to the supernatural, the sheikh of Abu Madyan.

Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam And Sheikh Said bin Isa al-Amudi.

Tariqa al-Saadah originated from the Bani Alawi Al-Imam al-Ustadz al-A ' zham al-Faqih al-Muqaddam which is a high and noble lineage, later joined by Sheikh Said bin Isa al-Amudi [1], both received khirqah of Sheik Abu Madyan al-Maghreb by Sheikh Abdullah al-Saleh al-Maghribi. With The second cleric Abu kokohlah Alawi Tariqa in Hadramout and other countries, with the number of their pupils. Children and students both sheikh Qaeda-Qaeda spreading the tariqa. sharif Says Alwi bin Tahir al-Haddad, "Merging of the al-Amudi and Saadah Bani Alawi has always caused by the blessing which connect between the al-Faqih al-Muqaddam by Shaykh Muhammad ibn Ali al-Kabir al-arif ibn Isa billah Shaykh Said al-Amudi '. Al-Faqih al-Muqaddam and Sheikh Said co- same time making them and their foundation tariqah their arguments, between the foundation are:

1. Leaving a violent way (lift arms) in spreading their tariqa.

2. Avoiding disputes when there is a difference in a lawsuit.

3. Charity is based on rules set by manhaj ahlu sunnah.

4. Disseminate knowledge and da'wah to Allah with wisdom and mau'izhah hasanah way.

What is meant by abandoning violence (arms) that is changing the way the spread without lifting thariqahnya with weapons in public life. So it is with Sheikh Said ibn Isa al-Amudi that bring peaceful means of disseminating thariqahnya to Du'an. In the book of Taj al-A'rasy page 199 stated that al-Faqih al-Muqaddam always decorated with indigence and leave the weapon in resolving all matters. He is also pray for their grandchildren in order to have standing (maqam) and with the mediation of spiritual weapons.

With the foundation of God shows the greatness of science and morality after they distanced themselves from the various debates in the law and all forms of disputes. And they pass on these traits to our children and grandchildren and his followers with an emphasis on the importance of peace between man and made ??a deal of security in the streets or in markets with a hostile qabilah-qabilah, throw away the strife which weakened the power of individual leaders and instead be busy themselves to useful work such as farming because Hadramaut is a vast country farm and plantation of dates and vegetables. Even their virtues can be seen because they are trying to improve their ground state and busied themselves with the process as has been done by al-Imam Muhammad bin Ali shahib Marbath, al -Imam al-Shaikh Ali bin Alwi Khali 'Qasam and al-Imam al-Faqih al-Muqaddam and those after them.

It could be argued that the family of Bani Alawi, they have been walking on the madrassa Bani Alawi, they are no longer looking for another manhaj except manhaj Saadah Bani Alwi they learn and teach others to date.

So it can be seen some of Bani Alawi madrasa-educated ulema who blessed and always pick up and connect the sanad-sanad their expertise to the sanad-sanad scholars are straight in their tariqa, and no sound of their words unless they get from their salaf, and we do not read, decide and set a law to students except by what they can from their families and those who are pious Salaf.

[1] Sheikh Said bin Isa al-Amudi nasabnya connect to the Caliph al-Siddiq Abubakar As has been corroborated by historians, one of which is described in the book Tarikh al-Shamil Fi Hadramaut Syed Alwi bin Tahir essay al-Haddad and al-Quut Idam book written by Sayyid Abdurahman ibn al Ubaidillah -Saggaf.

Hazrat saiyedna sheikh shoiab bin hasan Al-magribi is a khalifa of Hazrat sultanul-aarefin Hazrat saiyed ahmad kabir refai (k.s.a).

Road to khilafat is presented in such a way that establisher of ''magribiyah'' the heredily of world known "taribe-tasavvuf", Hazrat saiyedna sheikh shoiab bin hasan Al-magribi (r.a) gave his throne of khilafat to his follower abdul rehman bin Al-magribi (hadmi) saying that give this khilafat to the one who is very close to me at a place called hadramout.But I feel like your death will overcome you while travelling.So, while travelling if you feel that you are going to die take your own decision.
Abdul rehman bin Al-magribi (hadmi) started his journey.While reaching near to makkah mukarrama his time of death had arrived.So he diverted his work to Hazrat sheikh abdullah bin saleh Al-magribi to pass on the khilafat.As told by abdul rehman bin Al-magribi (hadmi).Hazrat sheikh abdullah bin saleh Al-magribi started his journey with khilafat and presented himself against Hazrat Fakih-e-makdam mohammed bin ali ba-alvi (r.a) at tarim in hadramout city.From there he continued to qaidoun city.When he reached there Hazrat saiyed sheikh saeed al-amudi (r.a) were grazing cattle.One old person was arranging leaves for the cattle.Watching this hazrat abdullah (r.a) greeted hazrat sheikh saeed al-amudi (r.a) and asked "Do you know this old person who is arranging leaves for you? Is he from pious or sinner?".Hazrat sheikh saeed al-amudi(r.a).He is a devil god has made him unlucky.Let him be unlucky.When that old man heard this he got to know that his identity has been caught he turned his bach opened his wings and flied like a vampire.After then Hazrat saiyed sheikh abdullah (r.a) gave holy khilafat to Hazrat saiyed sheikh saeed bin isha Al-amudi (r.a).

Hierarchy of khilafat
Khalifat started from Hazrat bdu-bakr siddiq (R.T.A).Abdur rehman bin sheikh ali described in his book as:-

Hazrat saiyedna maulana kutbul avliya al-abrar sheikh saeed bin Ihsa Al-amudi bin ahmed bin ihsa bin shabaan bin ihsa bin daud bin mohammed bin abu bakr bin talha bin abdullah bin abdul rehman bin khalifat-e-rasulullah saiyedna abu bakr siddiq (R.T.A).


Hazrat qutbul avliya al-abrar saiyedna sheikh saeed bin ihsa al-amudi (r.a) - Saiyed Sheikh abdullah saleh al-magribi - Saiyed Sheikh-ul jaleel abdur rehman bin mohammed Al-magribi (hadmi) - Saiyed sheikh-ul kabir Qutbul azim abu mudayyan shoiab bin hasan Al-magribi (r.a).
Saiyed sheikh-ul kabir Qutbul azim abu mudayyan shoaib bin hasan Al-magribi (r.a) has also been blessed with khilafat of silsila-e-kadriyah and ar-refaiyah whose description is present in the book named "aynul ayan".

Hazrat qutbul avliya al-abrar saiyedna sheikh saeed bin ihsa al-amudi (r.a) - Fakih-ul-makadam mohammed bin ali ba-alvi - Saiyed sheikh-ul jalil abdullah saleh al-magribi - Saiyed sheikh-ul jalil abdur rehman bin mohammed Al-maoon - Abu mudayyan Shoiab Al-magribi - Saiyed sheikh abul gairi Al-magribi saiyedna sheikh abdur razak Al-jilani - Saiyedna sheikh Qutbul Aftab gausul azam hazrat saiyed sheikh abdul kadir Al-jilani (r.t.a).

Hazrat qutbul avliya al-abrar saiyedna sheikh saeed bin ihsa al-amudi (r.a) - Saiyedna fakih-ul-makadam mohammed bin ali ba-alvi - saiyed ali ba-alvi saiyed ali mirbaz - Sultan aarifin saiyedna sheikh mohammed Al-kabir Ar-refai (k.s.a).


His full name is saiyed nazmuddin sultan shah abdur-rahim maheubllah ar-refai (r.a).Father`s name was saiyed shah umar jaisullah ar-refai (r.a).And hazrat sultan shah abdur-rahim mahebullah He belonged to the fourth generation.In india refai silsila started with him.He was (ummi) and due to grace of allah and holy prophet huzur (s.a.w) he had supernatural power to visualise the inner as well as outer world.
Nazmuddin maheubllah ar-refai (r.a) had the face and inner beauty which was exactly like saiyed qutb-e-rabbani gausul samdani hazrat saiyed ahmad kabir refai (k.s.a).Despite being (ummi) he gave personal presence to his followers.That followers tore their clothes due to his grace and his wisdom and his spiritual powers.Despite being a king he loved to live with simplicity and purity.He was born in 689(h.j) at haveza near to basra.Due to the order of prophet huzur( he came to india in 752(h.j).His first visit in india was at (siddhpur) patan.There he stayed at Hazrat qutbul aqtab haji rajab sahab refai (r.a) in the dargah sherif .He is the khalifa of hazrat saiyed ahmad kabir refai.He was considered one of the richest person in rome.
Hazrat saiyed abdur-rahim ar-refai is the son of saiyed shah umar jaisulla ar-refai.He was included in several mashaiks like india,haveza.khuresan,siraj etc.He was strong believer of islam.His miracles are still known all over.His desciples are countless and are spread at various places like khuresan,haveza,siraj,india,damascus,iran etc.Ther were 21 khalifa of him who took knowledge and spiritual power`s from him.Among these 21 khalifa,s 2 were from patan(siddhpur-gujarat).He made sultan ahmed shah bin mohammad shat bin muzaffer shah as his follower as well as his representative other religious people also took knowledge from him in terms of islam.

qutbul vaselin saiyed ali noorullah son of sultan shah abdur-rahim ar-refai was born at dawn on monday.It was dark still there was a light nearby the grave.The light went as a ball in the sky and spreaded light all over the city and forest.On seeing this people all around the city and village were amused and surprised by chanting the verses of 'allahu akbar'.Around 4000 people gathered around there visualising the holy light across the sky.At moment saiyed abdur-rahim came out from the rozah saying 'my son is precious and holy and worthy to be thanked he will be qutub and imam in his time.He will be blessed with degree of qutbul alam from the almighty allah.
he will have a son named saiyed umar and another son named saiyed ibrahim.He will be Imam as well as qutbul aftab.He will be famous by the name of ibrahim jamalullah.After some days, he will be sacrificed to death.His second son mohammad ali will born on 897(h.j).And will be known as mohammed and later on will be represented as shah alijiv gamdhani (r.a).
Sultan shah abdur-rahim said ' whatever I said about shah alijiv gamdhani to be a qutbul aktab,gausul azam and imam is from the permission.I have taken from the almighty allah and his holy prophet huzur(s.a.w).I am visualizing his generations bestowed upon degree of Qutbul aktab.Shah alijiv gamdhani will be my successor and his level of prophecy will be very high all over the world.
The belong ot his father family as hussani.And sarkar shah alijiv gamdhani ar-refai bin saiyed ibrahim bin saiyed umar bin shah ali noorullah bin saiyed abdur-rahim bin saiyed shah umar bin saiyed ibrahim bin saiyed mohammed madiyan ar-refai (ziyauddin) bin hazrat saiyed sultanul aarifin saiyed ahmad kabir refai (k.s.a).And from mother side Hazrati aamina begum bint mohammad subul hasan kadri inbe shah gyasuddin al-kadri jelani.

                                  HAZRAT SHAH ALIJIV GAMDHANI AR-REFAI (R.A).

Madinatul aulia ahmedabad hazrat shah alijiv gamdhani ar-refai (r.a) was born on 896(h.j). As per the visualization by his grandfather hazrat saiyed sultan shah abdur-rahim ar-refai.He was vali-e-kamil since he has in his mother`s vomb.His head seemed to be always bright from childhood.Like other children he did not wasted his time in playing and having fun during his childhood.Instead he was full of virtues in him which his family had by the age of 7.He completed Quran by heart.His education and knowledge was provided by his father ibrahim jamalullah.His heart was full of hadees,fikah and he had a speciality to observe inner and outer thoughts of a human being.In his times talented and extra ordinary valiullah,ulmah and maulana specially came to him to get education and knowledge.He spiritually ruled ahmedabd and nearby places.And that why he was known as gamdhani.Besides this there are also many reasons why he was gamdhani.Kings and rich people gifted their property to shah alijiv gamdhani as a value for his sheer knowledge.

huzur(s.a.w) loved shah alijiv gamdhani very much shah alijiv gamdhani were honoured to have a look at huzur(s.a.w) through his visible eyes.And he was the one who was blessed to kiss the feet of huzur(s.a.w). Also, huzur(s.a.w) hugged him with lots of blessings to give him the 'Imamah' to make life more fruitful.Today also at the time of 'URS'.Huzur(s.a.w) pays visit to it.
shah alijiv gamdhani was a gujarati poeter.He was a deep thinker and futuristic writer.
A 'zawahir-e-israrullah' is his priceless article.His articles and poetries are a helpful mean for other historians.Amazingly he has used languaged like gujarati,urdu,persian,arabic and sanskrit in his work.
Dr proffesor siddiqul hassan has got P.H.D degree from his work from Usmania university at hyderabad.
Sarkar shah alijiv gamdhani ar-refai (r.a).His work based on vahdaniyat,risalat,taazeem,vilayat.namaaz,tariqat,haqiqat,marefat and tasavvuf are very famous.His original writings are still present with sajjad nashin Saiyed abdullah miya al-amudi ar-refai al-kadri.

And sarkar shah alijiv gamdhani ar-refai (r.a).In his time he shows many miracles and one miracle was famous micracle still written in the book of zawahir-e-israrullah.
At once upon a time hazrat mohammad gaus gwalior (r.a) came to ahmedabad with his followers.At that time he was compared against the well known maulana's.He himself was to be proud his knowledge.In day time he use to take fire-rod in his hand and move in the whole city of ahmedabad.When somebody asked him about the fire-rod which he use in the day time,he replied that the islamic knowledge in gujarat was gain by him.By hearing this thing sarkar shah-ali-jiv gamdhani ar-refai (r.a) didn,t agree and feel upset that well known maulana said this type of thing.
One day he invite's the well known ulma's,waliallah's, etc of his time.When gaus gwalior (r.a) asked that anybody is left or didn't come on his occassion,One of them replied that shah ali jiv gamdhani (r.a) has not come.He was angry by hearing this and asked that shah ali jiv gamdhani will meet him at which place one of them replied that he will meet in the field.When gaus gwalior (r.a) reached towards the field he saw shah-ali-jiv gamdhani ar-refai (r.a) sitting on the top of the roof having seven ladder's.When he step on the first ladder he feel that he came on the first part of the sky,when he step forward on the second ladder he feel that he came on the second part of the sky,when step forward on the third ladder he feel that he came on the third part of the sky,as he step one by one on the ladder he use to feel like that he is on the fourth part of the sky,fifth part of the sky,sixth part of the sky and atlast when he step on the seventh ladder which was the last ladder of the roof he use to feel that he saw allah.And he use to tell everyone that I saw the god.When he said like these the people of his time were upset with him and raised ''fatwa'' against him.And he was to be prison.One of his follower hazrat shah wajiuddin alvi (r.a) knew that how gaus gwalior (r.a) went to the prison.He went directly to shah-ali-jiv gamdhani ar-refai (r.a) and tell all the the details about gaus gwalior (r.a).By hearing all the details shah-ali-jiv gamdhani ar-refai (r.a) gave one piece of cloth to hazrat shah wajiuddin alvi (r.a) and he use to tell him that smell these piece of cloth to gaus gwalior (r.a).As per the dictation given by shah-ali-jiv gamdhani (r.a) to hazrat shah wajiuddin alvi (r.a).He take the piece of cloth from him and went to the gaus gwalior (r.a) who prison to the prison and he do following things dictate by shah-ali-jiv gamdhani ar-refai (r.a).When hazrat shah wajiuddin alvi (r.a) went to meet hazrat gaus gwalior (r.a) he saw him unconcious under the arms of universe.By seeing these he do the following things dictate by shah-ali-jiv gamdhani ar-refai (r.a) to hazrat gaus gwalior (r.a).By doing these hazrat gaus gwalior (r.a) came to be normal and he asked hazrat shah wajiuddin alvi (r.a) that how he came to the prison.Shah wajiuddin alvi (r.a) replied and said all details regardings that how he was to be prison.By hearing all the details, first he refuse that he didn,t say anything like that to hazrat shah wajiuddin (r.a).But at the same time something remind in his mind that this thing was happened when he was going to meet shah-ali-jiv gamdhani ar-refai (r.a).He feel upset of himself and after that he went hazrat shah-ali-jiv gamdhani ar-refai (r.a) and he beg for pardon.He also beg to make as his disciple and his demand was accept by shah-ali-jiv gamdhani ar-refai (r.a) and make hazrat gaus gwalior (r.a) as his calif (khalifa).He spent some time with hazrat shah-ali-jiv gamdhani ar-refai (r.a) and atlast he went towards the gwalior.Today onwards in dargah sherif of hazrat mohmmad gaus gwalior (r.a) in urs time people do the ratib-e-refai. 

Entrance of Al-amudi in india
       .Hazrat sheikh mohammed (r.a) were the eldest son of sheikh saeed bin ihsa Al-amudi (r.a).He was the first person who got selected as a successor to continue Al-amudiyah ar-refaiyul Al-kadriyah after the death of his father.
From the childhood itself Hazrat sheikh mohammed (r.a) followed exactly what his father did he accompanied his father at the time of travelling which made him a person of ethics and responsible human.At the age of 7 he learned quran sharif by heart.He was considered as the sacred person in the area of hadees and fikah.He is considered amongst biggest spiritual and religious leaders of hadarmout.His miracles are still well known at hadramout.
Hazrat sheikh mohammed (r.a) deeply concentrated in his practice for doing prayers and offerings to the almighty allah.He  use to be a devote to god at night and did fast during whole day.After his death he was buried at a place called daiwan near qaidoun city next to his father holy grave.
After Hazrat sheikh mohammed (r.a) death his generations were made as a successor from time to time.Among them Hazrat saiyedna sheikh ahmad bin hasan (r.a) is renowned all over.
Hazrat sheikh ahmad bin hasan al-amudi (r.a) is from the straight generations of Hazrat saiyed sheikh saeed bin isha al-amudi (r.a) and served as a successor.
As per the last wish of his grandfather Hazrat saiyed sheikh saeed bin isha (r.a).Hazrat saiyed sheikh ahmad bin hasan al-amudi (r.a) sold all his properties and belonging of daiwan and qaidoun city and marched towards india with some of his followers in 937 hijri.He arrived in india and resided at ahmedabad gujarat.At that point of time the governor of gujarat was sultan bahadur shah bin sultan muzaffar shah halim.People of ahmedabad were so much attracted of sheikh ahmad miracles,knowledge and his presence.Lots of people came before him and became his follower.When his fame became normal sultan aarifin saiyedna shah ali jiv gamdhani ar-refai (r.a) ahmedabad famous vali-ullah called him.Hazrat shah ali jiv gamdhani refai (r.a) was so touched with his personality that he had lovable feelings for him.The result was that Hazrat saiyed sheikh ahmad bin hasan al-amudi (r.a) stayed with Hazrat shah ali jiv gamdhani refai (r.a) till his last breath.
Hazrat saiyed sheikh ahmad bin hasan al-amudi (r.a) was married to daughter of hazrat shah ali jiv gamdhani refai (r.a).After marriage hazrat saiyed sheikh ahmad bin hasan al-amudi (r.a) wife gave birth to a child named Hazrat saiyed sheikh abdul kadar Al-amudi Ar-refai (r.a).Hazrat saiyed sheikh abdul kadar (r.a) upbringing were under his maternal grandfather Hazrat shah ali jiv gamdhani refai (r.a).During his childhood hazrat shah ali jiv gamdhani refai (r.a) made no compromises in knowledge and education for hazrat abdul kadar (r.a).He teached him to know inner and outer values of a human being abruptly.When he reached to the highest level of "Ibadat" and "Riyazat" Hazrat shah ali jiv gamdhani refai (r.a) made him the successor for "Dastar-e-khilafat" and "khirka-e-mashikhiyat".He also gifted some of his belongings to hazrat saiyed sheikh abdul kadar (r.a) like musallah to offer namaaz,Tasbeeh having 1000 seeds and alam mubarak which was made in 914 hijri.After that he made him sit on his throne and making him a succesor.During these days his father Hazrat saiyed sheikh ahmad bin hasan (r.a) passed away.Then onwards hazrat saiyed sheikh abdul kadar (r.a) continued his heredily as a successor by doing good deeds.Lots of his followers and disciples took advantage of his knowledge and education and made their life successful and ethical.After his death he was buried near to hazrat shah ali jiv gamdhani refai (r.a) holy grave.

Generations of hazrat saiyed sheikh abdul kadar al-amudi ar-refai (r.a)
Hazrat saiyed sheikh abdullah miya al-amudi ar-refaiyul al-kadri bin hussian miya bin abdullah (urf) sheikhu miya sahab bin umar bin abdur rehman bin umar bin mohammed bin umar bin saeed bin hazrat saiyed sheikh abdul kadar al-amudi ar-refai (r.a).



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